Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Real Wedding, Krishann + Chris in Altadena, California

What better way to begin 2011 (a few weeks late, I realize...) than to kick it off with a beautiful wedding that was shared with me by Krishann Wesley. She was one of the first brides I worked with after starting Oatmeal Lace so I'm thrilled that she allowed me to feature her wedding here. Here's a little bit from Krishann:

Shortly after getting engaged Chris and I decided to put our wedding plans on hold so that we could focus our attention and funds entirely to finding and purchasing our very first place. After months of searching we closed on our first home in April of this year. Despite focusing all of our time and energy into our new house, I often found myself looking at wedding blogs and websites in the wee hours of the night. One night, I came across this beautiful and charming venue. I read the reviews and immediately contacted the owner. I didn’t hear back from her right away and convinced myself that I should just let it go. After all, our kitchen could use some updating. :) I remember talking to my mother to let her know that we were going to go ahead and go to the Courthouse, since what was most important was to be married and coming together and becoming one - family. While on the phone with my mother the owner of the venue, Susann called. I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t pick up. She called again and we set up a time for me to see the venue at the end of June. We were instantly in love (well at least I was). What we learned is that many others had also fallen in love and as a result we ended up booking the venue for August 28, 2010. So in two months we planned our wedding. As for our special day, what mattered most to Chris and I was the fact that he, my daughter Jalayla, and I would be coming together before God and becoming a family. Although Jalayla already saw Chris as Daddy, he marrying us both was something she could not wait to have happen. It was really important to us that Jalayla felt a part of this and knew that it was her wedding too. She went with us to cake tastings, helped me look up ideas in magazines, was there for the bridesmaid dress fittings, picked music (her top pick was a song from The Princess and the Frog), helped pick out her wedding dress and had her very own maid of honor. (I LOVE this!)
After we said our “I do’s” the three of us walked down the aisle together. During the father daughter dance while I danced with my daddy, Jalayla danced with her daddy. Another favorite moment for me was when the DJ played our first dance song. I had spoken to her manager and asked that they start by playing a song that I selected and then changed it to Chris's all time favorite song. He was so surprised. It was beautiful to see how something so small could mean so much. It is moments like these that still make my heart smile.
Chris’s aunt and my mom worked so hard to help us organize and plan our special day. My bridesmaids assisted me in many ways, from taking me to the flea market where I scored some great finds, sampling savory sweets at the bakery, researching reception decor and calling vendors. I had even started a blog as a way to update the bridal party on the planning and to share ideas. Chris’s cousin catered the appetizers (we had a hors d’oeuvres and dessert reception with wine and sweet tea), we were referred to a wonderful(and affordable) florist, our friend and designer Tina of Cowgirl Heaven made the bridesmaid dresses (amazing!!) which were beautifully complimented by their Oatmeal Lace Design clutches, and I was able to get some great finds from Esty vendors!
(how cute is the kid's table? fun!!) Sean asked his friend Gib to take pictures for our photo booth, but he surprised us and didn't just stop there! Chris’s cousin Rakeem also took many pictures. Along with our photographer they captured so many moments perfectly...The funny thing is the day of the wedding there were things that were missing and no where to be found and things that didn’t turn out the way that we planned, but in the end no one noticed and what was supposed to happen did. Honestly, I could go on and on about this joyful occasion but the saying goes a picture says a thousand words so I will let the pictures do some talking :)
When I look back it almost feels like I dream and really it is a dream, a dream come true. Jalayla and I married the most wonderful man. He loves us with his whole heart. In my vows I thanked him for extending both of his hands to us so that we might each hold one. He adores us and the two of us are quite fond of him ourselves. Now, if we could just get back to all those little projects…
Thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with us Krishann! You have a beautiful family. Congrats again!


Venue: A Chair in the Garden
Officiant: Pastor Stephen Hamilton
Wedding Dress: BCBG (on clearance even!)
Groom's Suit: Kenneth Cole
Photography: Scott Sudduth, Gib Sarmiento & Rakeem Cunningham
Catering: B&C Foods
Wedding Cake & Dessert: Porto's Bakery
Invite Design: Sara Lauder
Flowers: Leomar
DJ: DJ Ksly

Etsy Vendors: Cowgirl Heaven, Oatmeal Lace Design, Shabby Chic Fairytale, More & More Originals, My Primitive Boutique, Hey Yo Yo, Simply French Market, Flirt Buttons, Little Retreats

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

making things happen. it's time.

tomorrow is the day. ever since I first started hearing things about MTH I have been intrigued. granted, the first whispers I heard were at the end of 2009 and at that point I didn't have a business and had no intention of starting one or doing anything in the wedding industry so that was it. sounded like an interesting concept, but not really pertinent to me or where I was going.

fast forward to the last 6 months. jumping into a new business with both feet, learning as I go, racing to keep up, making mistakes and readjusting. go, go go. if you know me, you know that this is NOT how I normally do things. I am the quintessential researcher. the planner; the one that knows every in and out of what could/should/will happen and has the alternate routes ready before taking the first step.

all the while, I've been reading about the MTH tour- following along with Lara, Emily & Gina's journey on tumblr, absorbing blogs written by those who have already attended. as scared as I am to go tomorrow (I am not one that likes to be in a group setting and talk about myself, my goals, my dreams) I know that I have to. if I don't I know I'll always regret what could have been. its that persistent nagging in the back of your brain that says 'do it, c'mon! being scared is not a good excuse' so I'm feeling the fear and doing it anyways. :)

2010 brought some amazing changes to my life that I'm still trying to process. I've decided tomorrow starts my 2011. I've got some big decisions ahead to ensure I am being the best ME I can be. both for oatmeal lace and for my family and friends. ready to get fired up!