Friday, February 26, 2016

Fabric Friday!

I was supposed to start this two weeks ago but, you know, life! Let's just say I'm ready for spring to come to + winter = constant state of sickness. 

I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway relating to this new Fabric Friday idea. I'll be posting a set of 4 new fabrics each Friday through April 1. Here's how to enter: 

Each week I'll ask you guys to leave a comment letting me know which of the four fabrics featured (say that three times fast!) that day is your favorite. 

If you leave a comment every Friday you'll be entered to win a clutch in the fabric of your choice. 

I'll announce the winner Monday, April 4. Hope you guys enjoy the selection and look forward to hearing what you like the best.  

Today's showcase are the dainty florals below. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


Friday, February 5, 2016

simple (non candy) valentines.

here comes the target $1 spot for the win again.  walking by on my twice weekly trip there I spotted these cute little heart shaped glasses. adorable, right??

came home with my prize, opened up pinterest and typed in 'sunglasses valentine printable' and found exactly what I was looking for. you can download the printable I used from the Julep site HERE

:supplies needed:

heart glasses, or any kid size glasses you like (found some that are similar on amazon HERE)
paper (your choice)
stapler (or double sided tape)
cellphone bags (4" x 9.5" size from Joanns on sale, $0.99 for 25).

ps- I used plain printer paper for these, not cardstock - I haven't yet met a 4 year old who cares about paper weight...happy crafting!