Monday, October 20, 2014

holiday shipping deadlines!

if you're like all the big box stores, many of my friends or just really on top of your game, you're starting to get ready for the upcoming holidays. I'm a procrastinator by nature, so I don't usually start buying gifts until december rolls around, whoops. BUT since my shop revolves around custom pieces, and not ready to ship items, I have to give you guys timelines for when you need to place your order so that you will actually receive it for the holidays. my apologies...
I've put together this little sheet above that outlines when you need to have your order placed and when you can expect shipment.  if you're planning on buying bags, you still have a little time, but if you wanted to order an apron for yourself or a friend you need to get moving! to get a headstart and determine if an apron is the right gift, go ahead and email me over the logo that you want embroidered (  that way I can get you a quote before the deadline to order comes up.  you can check out my apron PORTFOLIO for ideas too.
feel free to email with any other questions you have and happy shopping!

ps- I plan to offer a discount code for those of you who purchase BEFORE these cutoff dates, so you might want to sign up for my newsletter if you haven't already. 
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

weekend fun.

we were in tallahassee this past weekend visiting family and attending our one football game of the season. HOLY MOLY was it the right game to attend! nailbiter to the end and so much fun to be in the stadium-the energy was crazy! since I don't ever blog anymore I figured no one really reads this stuff, so I'll just post a fun photo from the game that highlights the BEST.HAT.EVER. this is my 'fashion' post, if you will. thank you, joey pittman, for finding my new favorite accessory. :):) click HERE for the hat, in case you love it as much as I do and want one for yourself.

you're welcome.