Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ordering for the holidays!

since time is of the essence in regards to getting our holiday wish lists together (HOW IS IT ALREADY MID NOVEMBER?!?!?) I decided what the heck and reused my shipping deadline outline from last year. less headache for me + quicker information to you all, my dear reader(s) = everyone stays happy. 

I did update the order/ship dates since we have been working hard (read: my digitizer is amazing!) to get our turnaround times under a month so that pretty wrapped oatmeal lace gifts can be found under the tree...  :):):) 
these dates are all based on PRIORITY MAIL shipping, so if you are willing to pay for express you have a couple days leeway on ordering. just a thought to keep in mind! you can click HERE to start shopping. happy holidays everyone! 

ps- any questions for me or if you have a logo you'd like to get quoted, email me at