Thursday, January 24, 2013

liz & justin's gray & pink new york wedding

what a beautiful wedding! I know I say it each time I post on here but I'm so excited that I have so many past brides that want to share their weddings with me. I'm determined to make my friday posts (or my once weekly posts, let's be honest) real weddings.  here is week three in a row! gray is one of my favorite colors, so I was obsessed with her bridesmaid's dresses. she let them each choose their own dress with the only requirements that it be above the knee. such a perfect ombre selection. LOVE!!!
does it totally date me to say that I was married before the days of pinterest?? I know you're probably nodding yes- oh well! liz credits a lot of her inspiration to the various pinterest boards she followed during planning, and I'm totally jealous. anyways, enough from me, here is liz to tell you a little bit more about her day:
the wedding was at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie, NY. it was directly on the hudson and overlooked the mid hudson bridge.   the whole "theme" of the wedding was pink and grey.  check out the ring bearers' grey converse.
brayden (the older RB who is pictured above) was carrying domo the little brown thing, which had the rings on it. that was how justin proposed.  love!!
I decided to go non-traditional with my wedding programs and made charactures through vistaprint. 
All of the flowers were in antique blue mason jars found at a local antique shop.  
The escort cards were traced and hand cut, then glued. I was trying to find grass to go into the plant holders the night before and couldn't. So I had to go to a nursery and buy sod. I had to hack it all up in
the middle of the street in Queens to fit it inside the holders just right. That was an experience!
love the pictures she got of the bridesmaids' bags. :)
liz mentioned how the photobooth was the hit of the evening- I totally agree! photobooth's give all your guests something fun to participate in, especially those who don't like to dance. it was the hit of our wedding as well. :)
one of my favorite shots, and one that was inspired by pinterest!
thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous wedding day with me, liz! hope married life is fabulous. :)

{all images courtesy of uplift photography}

Friday, January 18, 2013

brooke & tyler's romantic winter wedding.

I squealed with delight when I opened up brooke's email and saw the photos she was kind enough to share with me of her wedding day. she and tyler were married in jefferson city, missouri on december 15, 2012 at the central united church of christ and their reception was held at la maison.
what a stunning couple!
adorable, right? 
brooke had the girls carry their clutches down the aisle in lieu of bouquets.  I love how she requested the larger red blooms- they really pop against the black bags. 
 brooke and tyler were high school sweethearts and he loved the drumline back then, so she surprised him with the jefferson city marching band at the reception. so fun!
what a beautiful day. thank you so much for sharing, brooke! 
congratulations again and best wishes for a wonderful life together!  


{all images courtesy of lindsey pataleo : click the link to see more from their fantabulous wedding}

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

anna's german wedding.

new year, new blogging goals. actively setting aside a little time each week to work on new posts that feature my absolute favorites : the lovely brides I have the honor of working with on their wedding day. hooray!
anna was the first bride I've worked with in germany (awesome) and was such a pleasure: kind & patient even when her bag got lost in the mail somewhere in europe.  thankfully there was enough time to whip up another and ship it out before the big day. funny story- the original bag found its way back to me 2 months later. :)
she was sweet enough to share a few photos and they are amazing.  her dress? his suit? the setting??? it looks like such a fun, family filled day. so glad I can pass along some of the prettiness to you all.
seriously? I die.
danke, anna!! 

{the amazing photographer : sebastian bahr}