Tuesday, January 8, 2013

anna's german wedding.

new year, new blogging goals. actively setting aside a little time each week to work on new posts that feature my absolute favorites : the lovely brides I have the honor of working with on their wedding day. hooray!
anna was the first bride I've worked with in germany (awesome) and was such a pleasure: kind & patient even when her bag got lost in the mail somewhere in europe.  thankfully there was enough time to whip up another and ship it out before the big day. funny story- the original bag found its way back to me 2 months later. :)
she was sweet enough to share a few photos and they are amazing.  her dress? his suit? the setting??? it looks like such a fun, family filled day. so glad I can pass along some of the prettiness to you all.
seriously? I die.
danke, anna!! 

{the amazing photographer : sebastian bahr}

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