Monday, December 10, 2012

holiday traditions.

(cards are top left: minted; bottom left & right: emilyley)
when the holidays rolled around the year joey and I got married I started thinking about the traditions I wanted to start as our own little family.  coincidentally, I won a contest from minted for 50 free cards and decided that framing them each year and including them as part of our christmas decor was going to be one of the traditions we started.  I know how much I loved looking back at pictures of us as kids with our parents and commenting on how silly mom and dad looked or how horrible our coordinating outfits were and seriously, WHY did shoulder pads ever exist?! figured I'd pass that fun along to beckett. (you're welcome, buddy.)

like most husbands, joey hates taking photos, and like most wives, I insist that he is going to look back on these pictures and be glad that we have them.  we're only three years in and the fights continue each time we get ready to smile for the camera, but looking at that photo above it's already completely worth it.  what I like best is that even though our first year's photo doesn't 'show' beckett- he's there.  I was pregnant but didn't know it yet when we took that picture.

what traditions do you and your family have or have you thought about starting? I'm still trying to come up with some fun, kid friendly ones. suggestions are welcome!!
gratuitous shot of little man. he is LOVING all things christmas these days.



  1. Photos are always priceless! Wonderful Christmas tradition you've started. :-)


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