Friday, December 7, 2012

gold, pinecones & glitter! simple holiday wreath under $10.

I love my holiday door wreaths SO HARD! glad my first try was less than stellar and forced me to start over.  so, I'll share the ridiculously easy process I used to make them. did I take photos of all the steps? no. but you won't need them. it's THAT easy. and did I mention they are less than $10/wreath? score.

let's get started!


1 : grapevine wreath 18" (buy at joanns and use one of their 40% off coupons)
2 : 10-15 small pinecones gathered from your yard (FREE!) or buy a bag at a craft store : COUPON!
3 : gold spray paint - I used the valspar above and it covered well and dried fast!
4 : box of mini ball ornaments.  I bought these from joanns and one box was enough for 2 wreaths. but maybe you want to get a little crazy with the gold balls. do it!
5 : handy, dandy glue gun. not sure what I'd do without mine. :)
6 : forgot to picture it, but you will need a wreath hanger like this one

don't be lazy and forget the coupons. you can print them offline or just download the joann's app so they'll be on your phone. then you can be like me and pull up the competitors websites while waiting in line for additional discounts. (michaels, hancock, hobby lobby, acmoore...)
you're welcome.


1 : spraypaint your wreath and pinecones gold.  you'll have to spray down one side and wait about 20 minutes, then come out and flip them all over to spray the other. 
ignore the silver paint. that was from the first project and doesn't apply here. love the silver? 
just replace every instance of 'gold' in this post with silver, or for that matter, whatever color you choose! 

2 : once you've gotten everything painted, fire up the glue gun and crack open the  box of mini ornaments. you're ready to start playing around with pinecone/ball placement. sounds fun, yes? 
3 : after you've figured out placement, glue away! don't be frugal here- you want these puppies to stick, so glob it up. once it's dry you can pull away any excess glue strands that are bothering you.
4 : hang that beauty on your front door and pat yourself on the back.
pretty holiday decor in under an hour and under $10. 
your wallet (and husband) thank you.

if you make one, share a link to the photo. I'd love to see what other variations you come up with.
happy holidays!!!!



  1. How fun! And I love that it's crazy inexpensive.

  2. Love the rustic + glitter look! Great job!

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  6. Thank you for sharing this DIY project! It's refreshing to see simple yet beautiful holiday decor ideas that don't break the bank. I'm excited to try making these golden pinecones and add a touch of sparkle to my home this season.

  7. Yeah it looks simple but will surely take a lot of time and time is money lol, add that too in the cost as you will easily spend 3-4 hours on making it. I am a university student but have no issue with money that's why I value time more than money and its the same scenario when I got my dissertation approved I instantly look for sociology dissertation help instead of writing myself! So I will prefer to buy this for holiday instead of creating it myself! Happy Holidays

  8. I absolutely love the simplicity and elegance of these gold glitter pinecones! They’re perfect for adding a festive touch without overwhelming the space. Thanks for sharing such an easy yet beautiful DIY project!

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