Thursday, June 25, 2015

maternity leave & shop status

after having Beckett I took a couple of weeks 'off' and then slowly started working again, making clutches while he would sleep. turns out newborns sleep A LOT - just not always at the times you want them to. HA!

this time around I have a rambunctious almost four year old to wrangle, I'll be recovering from a c-section and in all honesty, I'm pretty nervous/anxious about how the transition from one to two is going to go. with that being said, I'm going to give myself a bit more time to ease back into work and enjoy the fleeting newborn days and the hopefully smooth introduction of big brother and baby sister.

SO, on to the information you all want to know…turnaround/response times for orders placed over the next 6 weeks. first of all, I will be answering emails while out on leave. it may take me a bit longer 
than normal to get back with you, but I'll respond, promise! 


turnaround will be close to 8 weeks from order date to shipment date.  if you would like a quote for your logo, my digitizer will be on point, so please email a large jpg/png file to with 'LOGO QUOTE' in your email subject line. we will get back to you within one business week with a quote. once that is approved and the order is placed, the 8 week period starts. we will not be taking rush orders at this time.

if you need some inspiration for aprons or just want to check out some of the fabulous clients I've had the privilege of working with so far, check out my apron portfolio HERE.


you will still be able to purchase clutches in the SHOP.  any orders placed starting today through august 20, 2015 will start shipping SEPTEMBER 1, 2015.  please indicate your wedding/event/need by date when you place your order. 

[photo by Kaylyn Weir}


I'm so thankful for Shari, my wonderful assistant. she makes sure you all have perfectly embroidered aprons and bouquet wraps, and will be taking care of all the ribbon orders during this time.  
turnaround will be ONE MONTH from order to ship date on the ribbons.  please place your order through my shop HERE. if you have any questions send us an email and we will respond as quickly as we can.

wanting a custom ribbon color? you can check out the offerings HERE.

[photo by Katelyn James]

thank you all again for your continued support. every referral I receive means the world to me! supporting the fabulous small businesses & entrepreneurs out there that bust their behind day after day to bring you quality products & services is something I strongly believe in, and I'm humbled that you chose me. big, HUGE virtual hugs to you!