Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the big 5-0...0.

what?! woke up this morning, went to answer a few emails and realized that just before midnight last night I hit 500 sales in the etsy shop.  I had to sit down and do some math to figure out what that equated to in terms of bags sold.  I came up with roughly 1,378 bags in the last 23 months. whoa.  and that's just on etsy- I haven't consulted the books yet to see how it compares to outside sales.
 siri, add that to my 'to do' list for the weekend! 

so in honor of breaking 500, I'm offering 15% off any size order placed in the shop from today until the 15th of the month.  this discount will be in addition to bulk order discounts (which I rarely do) so if you're purchasing five or more bags get them while they're hot! the one tiny caveat- I'm booked solid for June and the beginning of July, so anything purchased with this discount will be shipping out after July 15th.

use code '500BABY' when you place your order and don't hesitate to email me with any questions!!