Wednesday, June 4, 2014

before & after.

I have a confession. I am terrible at organizing. I love the idea of being organized and everything in its place, but my follow through is lacking.  my work/family life/etc all suffer though when I'm working in a messy space.  my brain just can't function very well when I've got chaos around me. anyone else have this issue? and hey, it's june. the year is HALFWAY over. seriously???? how did that happen? I'm determined to make this a productive month (and new start) in more ways than just keeping my office tidy, but that is where I'm focusing on in this post.  sharing a before and after photo that I took this monday. if it kills me I'm going to end the month with it looking like the 'after photo' (without the full day cleaning of cleaning to get it that way like the first time).  #junecleanup in full effect over here! :)

hold me accountable, ok?