Friday, February 5, 2016

simple (non candy) valentines.

here comes the target $1 spot for the win again.  walking by on my twice weekly trip there I spotted these cute little heart shaped glasses. adorable, right??

came home with my prize, opened up pinterest and typed in 'sunglasses valentine printable' and found exactly what I was looking for. you can download the printable I used from the Julep site HERE

:supplies needed:

heart glasses, or any kid size glasses you like (found some that are similar on amazon HERE)
paper (your choice)
stapler (or double sided tape)
cellphone bags (4" x 9.5" size from Joanns on sale, $0.99 for 25).

ps- I used plain printer paper for these, not cardstock - I haven't yet met a 4 year old who cares about paper weight...happy crafting!


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