Tuesday, December 8, 2015

simple baby hair bows!

{photo: Caroline Wasko}
I'm not a big fan of oversized bows on my little one, but these guys are small, adorable and so simple to make I had to share with you all. I found the original tutorial through pinterest and you can see the steps outlined on how to tie the bows here: http://tinyurl.com/sayyesbows

I love that there is no sewing involved and you can use easy to source materials. I purchased my bias tape and elastic from Joann's since I just needed basic colors, but Liz links to an etsy shop where you can source pattered bias tape that would make really fun bows. If your baby has hair, the bobby pin trick will work really well, as would a small clip. 

Alas, I make babies that don't start growing hair until after their first birthday so the only modification I made on these was to attach a length of elastic so that they can fit around their bald little heads.  To determine the length of elastic I measured Emme's head and cut the elastic 1/4" smaller. I don't like the elastic to be too tight and cause a crease, so I'd rather have to pull the bow out of her eyes every once in awhile. 
Glue the elastic onto the backside of the bow and voila, you're done! Can't wait to see these two little cousins in their matching Christmas outfits and bows next week. Happy Holidays to you all!


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