Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oatmeal lace (the delectable cookie)

Ok, so as I've stated before, this blog is dedicated more towards my fabric creations and less towards food- even though my company's namesake was derived from my grandma and her cookies. This is where Jessica comes in. She is the brains, looks and muscle behind My Baking Heart; a blog dedicated to her passion of creating yummy treats and generously sharing the process with the world. Thank you ma'am! She, too, drew inspiration from her mom and grandmother (we are some lucky ladies to have amazing women in our families) Now, she cooks in the same kitchen where she used to watch them create as a child! How cool. :)

She was kind enough to purchase a custom collegiate clutch from me to support her TCU Horned Frogs. If you are here via facebook, you may have seen the adorable photo she posted on my wall. Here's a photo of the clutch for reference: So what is the point of this rambling story, you ask? Jessica asked me for the recipe to the Oatmeal Lace cookies and did a write up over on her blog. Please go take a look here at how amazing they came out and then take a look around for even more delectable goodies to create in your own kitchen. You will not be disappointed!!!

And if you're feeling a little inspired after perusing her blog, head over to the Project Food blog here and vote for her for the Next Food Blog Star. Voting ends Thursday, September 23rd, so any love would be appreciated. :)


  1. Send me the purple purse and no one gets hurt!

  2. I am heading over to My Baking Heart for that recipe-sounds delicious!!!