Tuesday, February 22, 2011

coolest photo project I've ever seen.


Photographer Irina Werning has started a project that encompasses taking an old childhood photo and having the person reanact it in present day. I know I couldn't really do it with the bags I make, but let me tell you- this just bumped it's way up into one of the top 5 ideas to include on the picture wall I plan to make in baby p's nursery. Check out her site here for all of the photos.


  1. This is awesome! You should so do it when the baby comes!! I know a few people who would take pictures of their child in something (a dress,shirt) or with something (teddy bear) each year and show the change over time. Wish I did that when Jalayla was little (she's 6 so according to her she's a big kid). I'm thinking of doing one for myself and retaking it when I'm 80 :)


  2. Oh I love this project. I told my mom that we should do that as a Christmas card next year. So funny!