Friday, September 16, 2011

FSU collegiate clutch, limited edition :)

in honor of tomorrow's big, big, HUGE game I had to do a post about the limited edition Florida State clutch I am going to be featuring in the shop for the next month. chevron stripes rule (but don't tell my husband) and in the midst of the whole missoni craze at target it felt like the right time to debut this little lady.  I'm seriously sad that I won't be in Tallahassee this weekend for the game, it is my hometown and we'd have babysitters more than willing to watch Beckett.  BUT...I will be pairing this clutch with my fancy cocktail attire while at the Big Brothers Big Sisters gala here in Tampa.  do I care that it doesn't match? no way, jose! it's my way of being there in spirit. GO NOLES!!!


  1. i LOVE it.... and will need one for the next game. I will use the one I have now for tomorrow :)

  2. Love it!! Can I get one for tomorrow?! xoxo

  3. Love the clutch! When the picture came up in my reader I thought it was a Missoni purchase since that has been the buzz lately! Too cute!