Monday, November 14, 2011

survey says...

photo source etsy.
I need you guys input, por favor.  I am debating adding the option of a reversible clutch to the shop.  I've had a couple requests for this in the past, and wanted to poll you all to see if it will be something that is worth offering.  you can either leave me a comment or just vote in the poll I've included...or you can do both! I so appreciate you taking your time to leave an opinion. :) so, here we go!

  would you be interested in a reversible clutch, for a slightly higher price?


  1. im super interested in how you would accomplish this! it would be cool to have a spring/summer side and a fall/winter side. or casual and formal. or gameday and beach day!!! oooh Im excited...and Im SO in to be a guinea pig!