Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a is for apron.

last summer my good friend Jacin, of lovely little details, contacted me about making aprons for her event team with her company logo on them. we discussed a few fabric and design ideas for how it should function and started working on a pattern.  I like to jump right into projects sometimes before I have all the information so after I found the perfect design I had to backtrack to make sure we could even format her logo for embroidery. I forwarded her logo over to my embroidery partner and because she is a genius, she said sure, let's give it a shot! the first set of aprons were a go! who knew that less than a year later I would have the pleasure of working with over 75 amazing vendors to create custom aprons for their companies.  I've posted several here in larger jpg format so you can get an idea of how the logo translates once sewn and if you follow this link HERE you will see a lookbook of most of the completed aprons I've done.  if anyone is interested in the process for ordering let me know and I'll do a post dedicated to that next! I'm trying to add a page on shopify but with all the customization options it's a bit more difficult than I expected (not computer savvy over here...) 

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