Wednesday, October 21, 2015

family halloween.

we really like halloween around here, and have enjoyed our family costumes since beck made his appearance back in 2011. now that he's a bit older he gets to decide the theme for the family, and this year it's star wars (you're so original, buddy!) 

he wanted a 'dark vadar' themed birthday when he turned 4 this year, so he got his costume back in august as a present from nanny & papa. :)

i've been sourcing costume pieces for the rest of us and am almost done assembling everything so that we are ready to go next week. today I finished emerson's costume and I'm pretty proud of it. what could be cuter than a baby chewbacca??? NOTHING I tell you. haha.

hopefully everyone will cooperate and we'll get a good family photo on halloween. you never know these days!!!! #herdingcats

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