Sunday, August 15, 2010

biggie blooms.

So messing around today I came up with a big bloom that I may start offering in the shop. This one incorporates ivory and gold silk, along with a layer of tulle, pearl beads and a white cotton blend. Attached pin on the back so you can use it on a bag or outfit- whatever you like. :)



  1. I like them...I like them a lot! Do you think you could make them with/as a hair piece? Either with a bobby pin or something to attach it to the hair...or as a headband? If so, they would be the perfect accessories for guests at weddings in Scotland...or anywhere really!

  2. These are, hands down, my favorite accessory this year!! I found a couple $3 at Old Navy and I've literally worn them out!

    I'd LOVE to see them in your shop, and! Take or leave this humble suggestion: If you add another fixture for a hair-clip of some sort (not a bobby-pin, bird clips are better and easier to place) it doubles the item's use-ability. :)