Saturday, July 23, 2011

jr. bridesmaid bags

so I've been testing out a smaller size clutch (6 inches) with a couple clients who have asked for bags that could work for a junior bridesmaid/flower girl gift.  I've decided to add them to the shop since they've gotten such a great response.  
I'll be carrying them in both the antique brass and silver, and they come with chains (which are removable), which will make it easier for the younger ladies to carry.  question for anyone who actually reads this- would you like the option of having a chain on the regular size bag?  I know when I carry a clutch I don't expect it to have a chain, but it might be nice to have your hands free to hold a glass or two of wine, right? (I've been craving alcohol lately- knowing that I'm reaching the end of my 10 months of pregnancy has me itching for an ice cold glass of savignon blanc. or a beer. or whiskey- I'm not going to be too particular. :)
thanks for your input!!!


  1. Love the Jr.s!!! I also think the chain is a nice touch. It's nice to have options :)

  2. Absolutely LOVE your clutches - I had to feature them as a top option for bridesmaids' gifts: