Wednesday, November 13, 2013

brand new oatmeal lace!

if you follow me on instagram or facebook you've seen hints that we've been up to something over here behind the scenes.  well TOMORROW we are unveiling the brand new Oatmeal Lace.  i'm so so excited to show you all the new site, brand and products, and would love to hear what you think once it's live.  

we'll be launching our ready to wear collection that you'll be able to purchase directly from the Oatmeal Lace site.  all items there will be available for pre-order and will have guaranteed delivery by Christmas in the USA.  and don't worry- etsy will remain the same and still be the go to spot for all custom orders (bridal, baby, just because...).

hooray! check back soon for my list of thank you's and high fives. :)


{photo courtesy of Shay Cochrane}