Saturday, November 30, 2013

thanksgiving weekend shenanigans.

couldn't help but post this picture. are they not the cutest?!
I still need to do a post to thank everyone who has helped get oatmeal lace where it is today but since that is taking me awhile to 'word' I wanted to at least wish everyone happy holidays! hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and holy moly- can you believe it's december first tomorrow?! 
can you tell beckett was excited about turkey day??
we hosted our first thanksgiving for family at our house this year. pleased to say that it turned out awesome. thank goodness for my mom who helped me cook everything. joey actually got a turkey to carve and not just a precooked breast from honey baked ham...
 so I'm sharing a few photos from the weekend here for posterity (and so they don't get lost on my iPhone)
 decorated my first holiday table that people actually sat at which is exciting. :) beckett's little red turkey was the highlight. i'm definitely going to be the mom that keeps EVERYTHING their child makes. not sure that would be considered sentimental or scary...
we decided to put up lights this year on the outside of the house since beckett is so into everything christmas related these days. I found the old school colored lights at target and couldn't wait to get them up. pretty proud of us for getting this done during one of becketts naps. they look AWESOME all lit up.
I am super excited to teach beckett our family traditions now that he is aware and understands (for the most past) what is going on.  I totally get why Christmas time is so much fun with little kids. makes me really excited for the next 6-8 years with him. :):) anyone have fun traditions to share that you do with your family? I'll be sharing the ones we are incorporating in the next couple of weeks. 

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