Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Five - Continental Floral Greens

Can you believe it's the Friday before Thanksgiving?! I cannot! Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Christine, with Continental Floral Greens. Is anyone else a huge fan of decorating with gorgeous greenery? I love it any time of year, but during the holidays there is nothing better than fresh garlands adorning the fireplace & a beautiful wreath hanging on the front door. And the smell of fresh pine? Get out of town! 

1. Christine, thanks so much for taking time to share with us today. Can you tell us about Continental Floral Greens?

We like to call ourselves a farm to vase, or farm to front door, greens experience. We are the largest floral greens grower in the US, with farms and operations in Washington, California and Florida. We grow more than 60 varieties of floral and holiday greens and take great pride in our farms and how we harvest.     

For the holidays, we produce the highest quality, handmade, all natural, Christmas wreaths and garlands with our signature High Mountain Blue Noble®. We believe in celebrating the classics while also offering unique designs - a twist on tradition - to set the stage for your holiday home.

From feathery ferns to strong salal, there’s a time and place for floral greens - always and anywhere. Often they are used to set the stage for flowers, but with all their variety in color, texture, line and fragrance, our high quality greens can truly hold their own.   

2. You mentioned a signature noble, what makes this noble unique?  

Our noble grows in nutrient-rich, volcanic soil near Mount St. Helens, at a higher elevation than traditional farms. The result is a stunning silver-blue hue and thicker, longer lasting needles than any other noble available. All of our Western Greens, including our High Mountain Blue Noble® , earn the highest rating for environmentally friendly cultivation.

3. What are your favorite holiday decorating ideas?

I love our striking High Mountain Blue Noble® paired with the contrast in color and texture of Southern Magnolia leaves. Magnolia is the perfect fall foliage for Thanksgiving decor and will carry, beautifully, right into the Christmas season.

Layer two garlands for maximum effect on a mantle or table - a Magnolia garland and a High Mountain Blue Noble® Mix garland. Add lights, pinecones, or a festive ribbon.  

We also like using our wreaths in interesting ways - turning them into a centerpiece by adding a hurricane and candles, or stacking our European inspired three-dimensional wreaths on a front porch.

Bulk Christmas greens are a quick and easy way to add holiday cheer. Create a holiday arrangement or centerpiece in seconds - just drop into your favorite vase or basket. Or add greenery to small candle holders at each place setting. Our favorite, add some greens to your stockings - until Santa comes, of course!  

You can see these holiday ideas and more on our Pinterest page.

4. Beautiful, lush greenery is everywhere these days, any thoughts on this trend?

Greenery is so versatile. From bold and bright to soft and subtle, there’s a green to fit any design style. We are seeing more and more garlands used in creative ways, and not just for weddings. Greens can be such a cost effective way to add texture to any space, any event - from formal to casual, classic to modern. Going heavy on the greens is a great way to add volume and scale to a centerpiece or arrangement- adding just a few blooms for a pop of color. Looking for fragrance - add eucalyptus.

I also see this trend continuing. It’s almost like the secret is out. Incorporating fresh elements from nature into an event, or your everyday home, really adds something special. We’re seeing beautiful and innovative uses of greenery throughout the home. Everyday use of greenery and florals are up, no longer do we need to wait for a special occasion.    

5. I noticed you have a fundraising option – tell me more! And before I forget to ask, what's in your apron? :)

Yes! We offer a simple fundraising program with our exceptional holiday wreaths and garlands for schools, sports teams, youth programs, etc. To learn more, email us at
In our apron we keep clippers, scissors, rice lights & batteries, ribbon, floral wire and tape...and of course a granola bar or two and a pack of gum. It's usually packed full!

Thanks again for sharing with us today! I feel like I've learned so much and can't wait for my greens to arrive next week so I can decorate. As a special treat to our followers, they are offering 20% off your order at by using the code OatmealLaceCFG at checkout.  
And always, free shipping!

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