Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Five - Rodeo & Co Photography

It's the first Friday of November, what?! Cannot believe we are here already, although it certainly feels like it in Chicago. I took down all of our Halloween decorations yesterday and almost pulled out our Christmas bins (you know, since I was already in the storage room) BUT decided I should show a tiny bit of least for another week or two, ha. I can see my husband rolling his eyes right now. :)

Excited to have Meg Hamilton, of Rodeo & Co Photography joining me today for the Friday Five series. She describes her photo style as 'honest & happy' and I have to agree. I shared a few of my favorite photos that I found of hers but there are SO MANY I could've gone on and on. Do yourself a favor and take a peek at her blog & instagram.

  1. Thanks for taking time to chat with me today, Meg. First, can you share a little bit more about Rodeo & Co and how you got started in wedding photography? I know I’ve read that you were an arson investigator & police officer. Please don’t skimp on details. :)
I had my heart & mind set on becoming an arson investigator & really broke the glass ceiling in that field to get my position. Once I attended a conference with over 200 men, and me. It was like real-life CSI, but also very depressing work…. I was also shooting weddings part time & was thriving…. then I was laid off from my fire investigator position… I sat down and did a pro & con list…. knowing that I wanted to eventually be a mom & have flexibility in my career AND do work that gave me JOY…. 15 years ago {today!} I shot my first wedding…. now I’m honored to be named one of Martha Stewart Weddings top photographers & my husband and I have the sweetest boys in New Hampshire…. I feel so blessed each time I connect with my couples to document their days & that {almost} every night I get to make a homemade meal for my family…. These two things are what makes my heart happy.

2. What do you enjoy most about living and working in New England?

I live in an itty bitty small town- and we have backyard chickens, honey bees, make our own maple syrup. My parents live a few miles down the street where we have horses, black angus cows & together with my dad we raise Berkshire pigs. Mornings, I get to go to the barn & take care of the animals….it’s a special, quiet, peaceful way to start my day. Photographing weddings in New England is a true blessing- ferry rides to Martha’s Vineyard,  the coast of Maine, in the heart of Boston, the preppy perfectness of Providence, Rhode Island...and the bulk of my work in the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire.  Each place is unique and at the same time, still New England. And, like all New Englanders, I love the seasons, the Red Sox, and Tom Brady.

3. Do you have a tip or two for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Make sure you love the work that your photographer shows….sounds really basic, but if you don’t love the style that your photographer shoots, they won’t be a good fit. {I’ve had people contact me looking for dark & moody portraits, and I happily refer them to my friends that shoot in this style}. Look through a few complete wedding galleries to get an idea of how they document an entire day -rather than just scrolling the instagram highlight reel.

Image by Michelle Heath

4. Who would win in a fight: Spiderman or Batman, and why? (I’d like to know Marcus & Hank’s answers as well) :)

I’m a longtime Batman fan {because, I always had a crush on Robin!}... Hank {age 6}  says SPIDERMAN- because he'd shoot his webs around Batman and stick him to a wall…. Marcus {9} says it’s impossible because Marvel & D.C. are two separate entities….BUT...he would vote for Batman.
(Beckett said Batman too)

5. What’s in your apron?

Extra camera batteries, cell phone,  light meter, film, memory cards, a ring box, bits of ribbon, business cards, a lighter for candles, and who knows what else!

Thank you again for sharing, Meg! You have such a unique background and the attention to detail you had to possess with the arson work definitely shines through in your photography. You can see more of Meg's work, her travels & life in New England below.
Happy Friday, guys!

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