Wednesday, July 7, 2010

horse & hounds(tooth) amanda clutch

Oooh! I think this one has to be my favorite design so far. I've always been a sucker for anything houndstooth, so when I spotted this fabric at a little local store here in Tampa I had to snatch it up. Today the clutch is named for my friend, Amanda, who is an accomplished equestrian, super stylish and lover of the finer things in life (although she might laugh at that description!)

I think this clutch is the perfect balance between sporty and fancy, agreed???? :) Like my other clutches, this one can be made with the houndstooth either on the exterior or interior of the clutch and the fabric bloom is an optional addition. You can also choose between the silver nickel frame (shown) or the brushed antique brass.

Anyone get the reference in the title? Anyone????? If you are in Tampa, enjoy this beautiful sunny day! It has been way too rainy and gray the past week.

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