Thursday, July 29, 2010

rainy florida=rehearsal dinner photos!

Morning friends! Yesterday we had a mini tropical storm/hurricane come through Tampa around 5pm, so that means I did not get a chance to take product photos outdoors. Hopefully that will come today. Instead, you all will be treated with a few photos from my rehearsal dinner. Excited?

I've been meaning to post photos from the rehearsal dinner and wedding for some time now, so today is as good a day as any to proceed...
Let's begin with a non professional photo of the hubs and me. It seems we were too busy chatting everyone else up to take a photo together during dinner. :)

Alright, onto the photos from dinner that were taken by the great Matt Miller and his assistant Reagan Powell from Our Labor of Love. You can check out some wedding photos and Smilebooth action here.

I'm not going to really narrate the photos, just show you some of the heavy hitters and the fun that was had. We held the dinner at Food Glorious Food in Tallahassee and they also catered our wedding. Amazing food, great service and top notch presentation- I was so impressed! If you are getting married in the capital city area, definitely check them out!
If you read my 'about me' you know that this little endeavor is dedicated to my grandmother, Kathryn Cash, or Mamama. She is truly an inspiration to our entire family. Love you!
And now for the keynote speakers of the evening. first up, my father in law and my dad. Handsome gentlemen, right??
Then my little sister (reading a very touching speech off her iphone, ha!) and Joey's best man. Sidenote- he is a professional comedian...lots of laughter at Joey's expense. :)
Alright. Now just a few of my favorites of all our family and friends mingling, laughing, imbibing...I am so glad we had the dinner and then opened it up for a cocktail reception for all the out of town guests. It was a great way to visit with our loved ones in a more relaxed atmosphere before the big day. :)

I promise to be back with posts that relate to my product tomorrow! Have a wonderful Thursday!

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