Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ruffles and pleats and flowers, oh my!

If you follow me on twitter you've already seen that description...
Sometimes coming up with clever titles (in my opinion) is a bit of a problem for me, so if I find one that works it may get beaten to death. sorry...

Just wanted to post a few pictures of some new lovelies I am working on at the moment that are geared less towards the bridal party and more for the bride herself. I know that some brides are not quite as casual with their wedding day attire as I was and while they might like a canvas bag for everyday wear, it doesn't quite fit in with what they've envisioned their bridal accessories to look like.

First up is the romantic ruffled clutch made with white silk and lined with a light blue paisley cotton. (Gotta have that 'something blue', right ladies???) Again- I do love to know that I am not talking to myself so comments are appreciated. :)

Next up, the beautiful blooms clutch which is also made with white silk and lined with a light champagne silk. The blooms are a combination of white and gold fabric and are each adorned with a pearl center. At some point in the near future I will be offering a customizable option where the bride can choose the colors of blooms to match their wedding colors (if they like).

Fun stuff over here people!!! :)


  1. LOVE. I love ruffles on basically anything I can have them on so Thank You!

  2. Ooooh, I missed these silk ones the last time I was on the site.. BEAUTIFUL! love the flowers. This is a great sophisticated look.