Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I don't know photoshop.

Seriously, folks.
I’ve tried making about 15 different etsy banner’s for my lil’ shop using good old Microsoft word and paint. Looks good while I’m working on them on the computer and yes, I do resize to the correct height/width ratio etsy has instructed me to.
Why then, do they come out so blurry and blah looking once I’ve uploaded them to the site? Who wants to visit a shop that has a lousy header? Not me! At this point in the game, I’m not sure I have the resources (aka- time & money) to go and purchase photoshop or indesign. One day though, my friends, one day!

So I turn to google, type in ‘free photoshop like programs’ and find GIMP. Thank the good Lord! Can’t say it’s the most user friendly program, but after a couple hours of trial and error I think I ended up with a pretty good result. See for yourself:

My Awesome Etsy Banner

Thoughts? Suggestions?? I'm retarded and coudn't figure out how to embed the picture in the post so hopefully you clicked the link. Ha! I could put together a tutorial on this, so that may be my next post. Stay tuned!

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