Friday, June 25, 2010

simple stylish sarah

i've decided to name the clutches i make after some of my female friends and family. why? because i think it's fun. :) if i have not named one for you (in the next month or so) and you want to petition for next up- send me a note (or buy me a beer). the beer may be a better option...

let's begin!!

the 'simple stylish sarah' is aptly named for my sister. i cannot think of a more accurate description for this lady. she is the girl who always makes the clothes look good and her style is simple. the perfect worn in jeans, tank tops, some type of cardigan/hoodie (she lives in the mountains). throw on a necklace or belt and boom- success. simple and stylish. i try to recreate her outfits with no luck. this big sister is jealous.

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