Tuesday, June 15, 2010

omg omg you guys!

anyone know what the name of that song is that my title refers to? my niece sings it all the time and it is stuck in my head...
anyways, one of the lovely readers from GWS saw our wedding up and contacted me at my etsy shop regarding custom clutches for her bridesmaids!!! i didn't even have any listed yet. so so excited. :) hopefully i can do a great job for her and this will just be the beginning.

i know that with a full time job i'm going to have to start prioritizing my time at home and i am ready. i always seem to do my best work and be the most productive when i have to manage my time. funny how that works.

wish me luck!!!

if you'd like to see my first listing (at it's discounted rate) check out my shop.


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