Monday, June 28, 2010

pretty poppy polly

alright dear readers, it's time for the next installation of 'name that clutch'. (do i even have A reader??) it's kind of weird knowing that i am basically talking to myself. if you are reading this, be kind- i never said that i was a good writer!

ok, on to the clutch! today's feature is named the pretty poppy polly. with a nice punch of color, it's the perfect accessory to start the summer. (you like that rhyme, don't you?) :)

the pretty poppy polly is for my good friend mary elizabeth brewster (aka. polly). she runs an awesome site called Poor Couture where she keeps the masses informed of great fashion/gift ideas that pack a big punch for a relatively small expense. plus she is clever and a great writer so it makes an enjoyable read. thank you ma'am!

she's always one to have a really fun colored maxi dress or shirt on hand (remember the rainbow striped wrap shirt polly??) but on a day where maybe she wants to tone down the outfit color but still have a little something- i'm thinking she might pair one of these clutches with some jeans and a tank...perfect for an afternoon in the park or happy hour at a local williamsburg bar.

so polly, this clutch is for you.

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